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I am a professor of computer science at the CSE Department of Fudan University, but I am also affiliated with the Software School. Having three offices (Handan campus, Zhangjiang campus, home) means I do not spend much time in either office.

I joined Fudan in 2004 after four years in Hong Kong, one year in Waterloo, and many years in Saarbrücken (see my CV for details). I usually teach the undergraduate and graduate Algorithms courses and the undergraduate Theory of Computation course.

My research interests include data structures and efficient algorithms, in a broad sense. Recently, I have been working on online and approximation algorithms, computational geometry, fixed parameter tractability, and education research.

I supervise a large group of Master's and PhD students. I also work with a few undergraduate students interested in theoretical research, mainly from our great ACM Programming Team.

If you are looking for interesting (and practical) programming projects for your final year project, please check my projects this year.